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“Everyone was fascinated with your magic. Most people have never experienced anything like it. Everyone sings of your professionalism and I admired the sleek way that you worked the room.”

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Greg Williamson

Benefits Of Having Greg At Your Restaurant!

1. Give Your Customers Something Special When They Come To Eat
2. Create An Atmosphere Of Joy To Ensure A Fun Filled Experience
3. Help The Serving Staff During Long Wait Times
4. Make A Tables Celebration A Little More Memorable
5. Enhance The Guests Dining Experience
6. Give Guests Another Reason To Return With Family & Friends

* Greg Will Not Disturb Guests While They Are Eating


Will My Customers Like Magic & Will It Enhance Their Experience?

People of all ages love magic! Most of the time, people only see it on television and when they can experience it live, inches from their eyes, presented by a professional, this is an experience they will talk about for a long time to come. They will also tell all of their friends WHERE they saw it, advertising your restaurant!!

Greg knows how to create that special magic moment that your guests will talk about and want to share the pictures and videos on social media.

Whether it is friends celebrating a birthday, a couple celebrating an anniversary or regular diners, Greg will do something special for them.

Furthermore, if you have delays in the kitchen, Greg is the extra level of customer support needed that can keep your guests happy while they wait.


When Will Greg Perform?

Most often, Greg will perform at a table after guests guests have ordered and are waiting for their main course. Greg tries not to approach tables where there are menus, food or the bill on the table unless he has been specifically requested.

Greg can also mingle in the bar area if there is a wait time for tables or if guests would like to enjoy a drink after they have eaten.


How Affordable Is The Magic

We understand the importance of operating costs and are eager to show you how this is not an entertainment cost but a marketing and advertising success story. Word of mouth with spread fast and with the eye catching sleight of hand being shared by guests on social media, your restaurant will reach a huge audience.

After a few weeks you will see enough guests coming in and talking about the Greg to show you a solid return on your investment.

Greg works with venues and restaurants on a long term basis which means that he can offer new clients and introductory rate: you pay half the price and get DOUBLE the time.

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